Workshop: Strategic Prayer 101


Successful business leaders rely on more than their own knowledge and experience.  They surround themselves with trusted advisors to help them make the strategic decisions their company depends on.  Wise advisors ask tough questions, guide in complex problem-solving, and provide sound judgment. 

What if your board of advisors was headed by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  How would your business (or life) be different if you let God ask you the tough questions, help you to solve the complex problems, and guide you in strategic decisions?

Find out how Dawn Whitestone uses Strategic Prayer to help businesses and individuals experience God’s guidance for their specific circumstances.  Beyond following general Biblical principles, Dawn will share how you can see the ways God is at work, hear His voice, and keep pace with his plans for your life and business.

Then, take the first step toward strategic prayer by practicing several ways to connect with God.  By the end of the workshop, you may even have some answers to questions you haven’t known how to ask.



Getting your team on the same page is crucial for your business’ success. If you want to see marked results with your team that will increase the bottom line, then get them to tuned in to hear God’s voice!  Providing a Strategic Business Prayer Workshop for your employees is strategy like no other.

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